Exo Elixir® Liquorice

Active powder of Exosomes (naturally formed extracellular vesicles) isolated from liquorice vegetable roots, enriched with Glycyrrhizic acid, offering superior stability and water dispersibility.

Derived from the roots of Glycyrrhiza glabra (a perennial herb in the pea family) cultivated in the south of Italy.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract and Maltodextrin.



As already known from scientific literature, the use of glycyrrhizic acid in cosmetic products presents some difficulties because of its low water solubility and low skin absorption. So, these structural peculiarities of the glycyrrhizic acid molecule lead to poor bioavailability of the active ingredient and therefore to poor effectiveness of the cosmetic product.

The Exo Elixir liquorice thanks to Exosomes Technology can encapsulate glycyrrhizic into the vesicles of vegetal origin composed of a double phospholipids layer and therefore:

  • make glycyrrhizic acid easily dispersible in water
  • make glycyrrhizic acid perfectly biocompatible with the skin surface thanks to the exosome natural delivery system, so it is perfectly able to cross the skin barrier.

The logical consequence is that the use of Exo Elixir liquorice makes glycyrrhizic acid totally bioavailable on the skin.

(In vitro tests on Exo Elixir Liquorice)

+8% Elastin Increase
Treated human fibroblast cells showed an 8% increase in Elastin, indicating significant anti-sagging and lifting effects.

+156% Anti-Age Activity
MMP-9 expression in treated cells was 156% higher compared to control, promoting vascular remodelling and enhancing tissue healing and oxygen/nutrient exchange.

The SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) is an antioxidant enzyme that in the human cell prevent and repair the ROS (Radical Oxygen Species) inflammatory and oxidant effect . From a dermatological point of view the inflammatory and oxidant activity seems crucial for the development of various skin pathologies such as acne and atopic dermatitis.

In our test we treated some human cells with Exo Elixir Liquorice and verified in conclusion the effective presence of SOD Antioxidant enzyme on them.

Dermal elastic fibres are extracellular matrix protein complexes produced by fibroblasts and involved in skin elasticity, turgidity, and smoothing texture. Elastin fibres decrease with age because of reduced synthesis and increased degradation by Elastases digest enzyme. Thus, as age advances, signs of sagging and roughness appear on the skin.

In our test we treated human fibroblast cells with Exo Elixir Liquorice and verified our data after 48 hours, compared with a control untreated group.

In conclusion: Only the Exo Elixir Liquorice treated cells increase Elastin by approximately 8% confirming the anti-sagging and lifting activity.

Different external stimuli such as environment, UV radiations, oxidative stress and nicotine, influence tone of skin blood and tissues. The decreasing of oxygen and nutrients exchange between skin cells and blood, slows tissue healing and accelerates the ageing processes. MMP-9 (Matrix Metalloproteinase-9) is one of the most investigated MMPs because of her involvement in the extracellular matrix degradation. It has been demonstrated that MMP-9 is involved in vascular remodelling, increasing blood vessel tone and tissue healing.

In our test: Normal Human Fibroblasts were treated with Exo Elixir Liquorice in order to evaluate MMP-9 expression in 24 hours and compared with control cells.

In conclusion: After 24 h of treatment, MMP-9 expression in cells treated was 156% higher compared to control cells. Data confirm the incomparable Exo Elixir Liquorice activity.

  • Recommended use level: 1%
  • Easy to formulate.
  • Light coloured odourless powder
  • Totally water dispersible
  • Glycol / Glycerine / Ethanol compatibility
  • Stable at a wide range of pH
  • For emulsions: should be added once temperatures reach < 40°C, after the cooldown phase is complete, avoid homogenising after product adding.
  • For water-based systems: should be added at temperatures < 40°C.
  • Sensitive skin cosmetics
  • Acne prone skin Treatments
  • Anti sagging, lifting cosmetics.
  • Anti Age, post Aesthetic Treatments
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