How plant-derived exosomes may increase the effectiveness of cosmetic products? (i) they penetrate the skin layers through different mechanisms; (ii) as a consequence they show increased skin absorption; (iii) they have a high level of bioavailability and (iv) they have shown to stimulate resident cells (including stem cells) to differentiate and to produce precious biomolecules for skincare.

All these features on one hand render plant-derived exosomes active products for skincare due to their content in precious biomolecules, directly provided by nature (i.e. no chemical methods of extraction are used). On the other hand plant-derived exosomes have been shown to be able to deliver external molecule into the skin, in turn rendering them more bioavailable and therefore more effective. All in all plant-derived exosomes  may well help skin self-repair and rejuvenation.

We have clinical body of evidence

In a clinical study involving 40 women, it was observed that a 45-day facial treatment regimen using a formulation enriched with water and plant exosomes resulted in a remarkable reduction in wrinkles by 26% and increased skin elasticity by 23%.

These significant improvements underscore the potent anti-aging and skin-firming properties of plant-derived exosomes, making them an invaluable ingredient in cosmetic formulations aimed at promoting youthful and resilient skin.

They belong to our diet

Beyond their efficacy, plant exosomes are also celebrated for their safety profile. These vesicles are a natural component of our diet, as they are ingested whenever we consume fruits and vegetables. This daily intake underscores their compatibility with the human body, reinforcing the notion that plant-derived exosomes are a safe and natural choice for cosmetic application. Their presence in our regular diet suggests that our bodies are by centuries well-accustomed to processing these vesicles, being contained in fruits and vegetables that we daily eat. This on one hand ensure their processing as a daily diet content; on the other hands it minimize the risk of adverse reactions when applied topically.

This means more safety and more effectiveness, thus placing plant-derived exosomes in the core of future natural, sustainable and revolutionary ingredients in skincare products. With plant-derived exosomes we are widening the scenario of dermo-cosmetic to natural and safe skincare solutions.

The safety and effectiveness of plant-derived exosomes are further bolstered by their plant origin, which aligns with the growing consumer demand for natural and sustainable ingredients in skincare products. Their ability to deliver targeted action, combined with their innate safety and natural derivation, positions plant exosomes as a revolutionary ingredient in the cosmetics industry. By harnessing the power of these plant-derived vesicles, cosmetic products can offer enhanced skin benefits, including improved hydration, reduced signs of aging, and increased skin vitality, all while adhering to a commitment to natural, safe skincare solutions.